Faculty Library Associate Program: Extended Deadline

We have extended our deadline for submissions.

Applications are due Friday, April 14, 2017 for the 4th Summer Faculty Library Associate program.

Designed to create intensive collaboration between faculty and the library, this program asks faculty to further integrate information literacy into new or existing courses. Embedding information literacy learning objectives into your curriculum through instruction, activities, and teaching materials improves student-learning outcomes and provides students with life-long skills that help them conduct better research and be better consumers of information.

Working one-on-one with a librarian, our program allows you to dive deep into your course curriculum. To do so, the selected associate will devote the equivalent of 5 hours a week during the 8 week summer session, and for this work will be awarded a $1500 stipend.

Past associates have revamped research assignments, created online tutorials, created new assignments, embedded information literacy instruction, and assessed student learning. There are many ways to approach this opportunity, and your library liaison is available to talk with you about your courses and ideas as you consider your application. Additionally, you may find the Framework For Information Literacy for Higher Education as good inspiration. This document serves as the foundation from which we create learning objectives when designing information literacy instruction and teaching materials.

For a full list of expectation and application requirements visit our Faculty Resources guide. Applications are due April 14, 2017 to Sarah Sagmoen at sarah.sagmoen@uis.edu


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