Picking Your Topic IS Research

There is an important step in the research process that is often overlooked: selecting a topic. Too often students let their passion for a topic run away with them and forget to consider if it is appropriate for the assignment. And in some cases even when they start to struggle with their topic, they are hesitant to change it after getting started. We’re sure you see this in class, we certainly see it in the library. Today, we’re highlighting an excellent resource that you can use to introduce the idea that selecting a topic is part of the research process, not something you do before you begin to research. It’s a go-to resource for us, and hope it will be for you too. This short, and fun, video from North Carolina State University Libraries is a great way to start a dialogue about how best to go about selecting a topic.


Of course, this can lead to discussions about how to dissect assignments and begin researching once a topic has been selected. Our librarians are equipped with activities and more than happy to provide instruction to your students on any of these topics. Be sure to contact your library liaison with any questions or to set up an instruction session.


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