Faculty Library Associate Program – Elizabeth Jones

During this past summer, we piloted our first Faculty Library Associate program.  This program provided an opportunity for faculty members to work with a librarian in order to embed information literacy concepts and skills into new or existing course work.  Over the next few weeks we will be highlighting each of these three faculty/librarian collaborations. This is the second of our Faculty Associate Spotlights.

Librarian Dorothy Ryan’s Collaboration with English and Modern Languages Instructor Elizabeth Jones:

Elizabeth Jones worked with Dorothy Ryan, her department liaison, to integrate information literacy skills into three sections of English 101. In her application to the Faculty Associates program, Elizabeth expressed her desire to better prepare students to be more effective researchers by creating assignments to help them develop those skills. Elizabeth incorporated the annotated bibliography into two assignments which required students to consider the types and quality of their sources. Students were also asked to reflect on (and write about) their research process in an effort to encourage critical thinking about searching for and gathering information. The collaboration also resulted in two librarian visits to the class which covered topics such as using the library’s databases to find resources, and evaluating information. In a student satisfaction survey of all Faculty Associate classes, 66% of students found that the resulting instruction helped them improve their research skills.

Our last spotlight will be coming soon.  For more information about this summer’s Faculty Associate position, see the Faculty Resources Guide or contact your librarian.


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