Linking to Library Materials

If you provide your students with links to library resources, please make sure you are using the persistent URL (otherwise referred to as the “permalink” or “stable URL”) provided by the database.  The easiest option is to find the article through Quick Search and click on “Permalink” in the top right corner of the page.

You can also create course resource lists through Quick Search that you can easily link to from your syllabi and Blackboard. Students will be able to access the full text directly from Quick Search if the library subscribes to that resource.  Using this resource will save you time, free up some space in your syllabi, and better connect students with library resources.

If you prefer to use the links from the databases, the persistent URLs should include the library EZproxy to ensure that students can access library resources from off-campus.  EBSCOhost databases always include the EZproxy in persistent URLs.  JSTOR is an example of a database that provides a “stable URL” but does not include the library EZproxy. Students will not be able to access JSTOR articles from off-campus using the stable URL if you do not add the EZproxy.  Solution?  Place the EZproxy ( before the stable URL. Remember to test it from off-campus before sharing with your students.  Please contact your library liaison if you have any questions.

Stable URL for JSTOR article:
EZproxy plus Stable URL:


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