Goodbye PrairieCat, Hello Quick Search

Gone are the days of referring to our local library catalog as “PrairieCat”.  It might take all of us awhile to adjust, but we’ll get there.  Going forward, please replace “PrairieCat” with “Library Catalog” in your course materials.  You can still access the local catalog from the library home page using the “Books & Media” tab.  Below the search box are direct links to the Advanced Search in the local catalog, and I-Share.

Quick Search Box   Library Catalog

So, What’s Quick Search?

Quick Search is our new discovery tool, and your one-stop shop for many of the important resources and services you have come to value at Brookens Library, including I-Share, Interlibrary Loan, and library databases.  The Quick Search simultaneously searches across the electronic and print holdings of Brookens Library, I-Share member libraries, and libraries worldwide.  But it doesn’t stop there.  You can actually access articles directly from the Quick Search – just click on the “Check for Electronic Resources” button.  You can also easily place I-Share and ILL requests for particular books or articles directly through the Quick Search.  See how it works:

Finding Books through Quick Search
Finding Articles through Quick Search

We will be posting tips and tricks for how to use this resource on our blog throughout the year, so remember to follow us!


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