EasyBib: New Citation Management Tool

The library recently purchased a new citation management tool that will allow patrons to easily export and manage citations from our new Quick Search.

EasyBib provides formatting in all of the major citation styles, including APA, MLA, and Chicago/Turabian.  Once students upload citations into EasyBib, they can be organized into folders (or “Projects”), and using the Notebook feature, they can create outlines that reference where particular sources can be used for support in their paper.  They can also add notes to their citations for future reference, including annotations.  To learn about all of these features and more, visit the EasyBib Library Edition site: http://easybib.com/products/libraryedition.  As with all citation management tools, students should always double check their citations against the appropriate style manuals.

Why EasyBib?

Over 4,000 UIS patrons had already been using the free edition of EasyBib when we considered purchasing it for the library.  True to its name, this citation management tool is EASY to use, especially for undergraduate students.  It also incorporates information literacy, plagiarism prevention, website evaluation, and other research tools into the citation management experience for students.

Getting Started…

From the library homepage, click on “My Citations” located under “My Accounts.”  Once you create a free account, you can always login here to view your citations and projects.  You can manually upload citations in EasyBib, or export citations directly from the Quick Search.

Exporting citations from Quick Search: Click Here


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