Fall Workshops/Tours

The library will continue to offer tours and research workshops this semester.  Because we know that course schedules are pretty packed, we created these as an alternative to in-class library instruction.  Many of you have listed these as a course requirement while others have offered extra credit for participation.  Either way, we’re happy to keep track of who attends and report back to you!

The Learn Your Library: Tour     Tour the library and learn about our physical and virtual resources and services. You’ll learn where to find books and articles, how to access resources from off-campus, where to get research help, and more!

Research: Getting Started      During this workshop you will learn how to use library databases and other resources.   You will also pick up helpful research tips and tricks along the way.  We’ll leave time for individual research, so come with questions and/or course assignments!

Check out our full schedule. For registration, location information and a calendar view of workshops dates please visit: http://illinois.edu/calendar/list/1076

If you have any questions, please contact Amanda Binder at binder2@uis.edu or 6-8458.


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